A European-wide survey aimed at identifying user needs and use cases for future EU GOVSATCOM services was carried out between April and June 2021. The survey was addressed to governmental and institutional users managing security-critical missions, operations and infrastructures. Survey results will provide user requirements for EU GOVSATCOM.

ENTRUSTED plays an important role in widespread consultations with EU GOVSATCOM users aimed at the identification of user needs and use cases for future UE GOVSATCOM services. We undertook a survey study to derive a set of consolidated and prioritised user requirements.

Concise information on survey objectives and method can be found in the following presentation:

ENTRUSTED survey in a nutshell

The survey was addressed to public authorities, agencies, institutions and other entities, entrusted with the supervision, management, and/or execution of security-critical missions, operations and infrastructures in the EU. Respondents were divided into two groups, based on their previous experience with the use of secure SatCom:

  • users, who have little or no experience with secure SatCom services, but who would be interested in accessing such services; and
  • users with previous experience in the use of secure SatCom services, who are interested in having guaranteed and more affordable access.

The survey focused on users’ interests and needs in different fields of application, regarding associated use cases. It also aimed to review secure SatCom capabilities currently in use (in terms of user technology and services), as well as future technological trends.

Questionnaires (for illustrative purposes) and the ENTRUSTED Survey Privacy Statement are presented below:

Questionnaire for inexperienced users

Questionnaire for experienced users

Survey privacy statement

Survey guidelines were prepared to assist users in the process of filling in a questionnaire.

Survey guidelines

The survey was distribute and collected among potential users of EU GOVSATCOM services by ENTRUSTED Points of Contact.




Do you want to be a part of the research?

I hereby declare my informed consent to the treatment of my personal data with the modalities indicated in the privacy statement for the following purposes:

(1) Provision of a response to the query submitted through the contact form available online on the website.

(2) Directing queries from potential survey respondents to an assigned Point of Contact.

(3) Processing of data for statistical and management purposes.

Information on the consent form:

According to the legislation on data protection, the treatment of your personal data for the purposes in subject can happen subject to your free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent...

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Results of the survey

Results of the survey will be submitted to the European Commission. In this way, user requirements will be considered during the preparation of a legal framework for EU GOVSATCOM (i.e., Implementing Acts), and inform the development of system infrastructure.