The ENTRUSTED project is one of the preparatory activities for the user-orientated EU GOVSATCOM. The project aims to identify potential users of GOVSATCOM services, their needs and related use cases.

We invite public authorities representing EU Member states, civil and military actors exercising public authority, and any institutions authorised by EU Member States, the Council, the Commission and EEAS for the supervision, management or execution of security-critical missions, operations and infrastructures, to participate in ENTRUSTED activities.

Take part in our survey aimed at capturing current and evolving GOVSATCOM user needs and expectations. Information provided by this EU-wide survey research will be translated into operational user requirements for future EU GOVSATCOM services.

Please visit our Survey section for detailed information about whom the survey is addressed to, and how to take part in the study.

Gain knowledge by attending our online training, webinar and live demonstration.

We are currently preparing an open online course, which will introduce fundamental concepts, characteristics and applications of satellite communications, and provide information about EU GOVSATCOM. SatCom applications will be presented from the user perspective, providing a substantial amount of practical information.

Use our Contact form to:

  • get more information about our survey study,
  • share your experience with secure SatCom,
  • let us know about your needs and expectations regarding EU GOVSATCOM services,
  • ask questions relating to the ENTRUSTED project.

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