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The ENTRUSTED Consortium will develop a Research and Innovation Roadmap and Coordination plan (R&I roadmap) for secure SatCom user technology, to ensure that EU GOVSATCOM services will comply with user expectations. The Roadmap will indicate actions and investments necessary to close the gaps between SatCom capabilities and user requirements.

We invite institutions and organisations which associate or represent secure SatCom technology and service providers, as well as research institutes and R&D experts, to share information on new technological trends in the development of new applications and user equipment. We would also like to use your expert advice in the validation of the proposed R&I roadmap.

Join the ENTRUSTED stakeholder consultation to:

  • take part in and be informed about consultations held with the European space industry and research community,
  • inform us about new technological trends regarding secure SatCom applications and user equipment,
  • include your research and innovation projects in our synergies map for the uptake of secure governmental SatCom,
  • provide us with your expert advice in the validation of the ENTRUSTED R&I Roadmap (R&I roadmap).

Use our Contact form to:

  • get more information about our SatCom user technology review,
  • let us know about latest research or technology developments,
  • ask questions relating to the ENTRUSTED project.

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