1. ENTRUSTED website uses cookie files („cookies”).
  2. Cookies are computer data, mainly text files, saved to your device every time you visit a website. Typically, a cookie file contains the name of a website, from which it has come, and gives you a unique ID number. Cookies are generally used to improve user experience of the website. Based on your previous preferences and chosen settings, cookies allow the server to deliver a page tailored to you.
  3. We will ask you to consent to our use of cookies, if they are not strictly necessary for the provision of the website, when you visit it for the first time.
  4. Our website uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies, persistent cookies and social media cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which will expire at the end of the user session, when the web browser is closed. Persistent cookies are stored by a web browser for a specified time that is determined in cookie parameters, or until deleted by the user before that time. Social media cookies provide for a easier interaction of users with social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
  5. We do not control social media cookies, and they do not allow us to gain access to your social media accounts. By clicking on the Twitter or LinkedIn button on our website, you will be re-directed to the Twitter or LinkedIn sites respectively. Please refer to the relevant social media platform’s privacy policies for information about their cookies (Twitter, LinkedIn).
  6. We use cookies for the following purposes:
    • proper functioning of the website;
    • statistics to improve website functionalities – for this purpose, we use Google Analytics. (For more information, please read the details of the privacy policies of Google Analytics).
    • social media sharing functions.
  7. Data obtained via cookies may comprise the following:
    • IP address (anonymised).
    • Location: country, region, city, approximate latitude and longitude (geolocation).
    • Date and time of the request (visit to the site).
    • Title of the page being viewed (Page title).
    • URL of the page being viewed (Page URL).
    • URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page (referrer URL).
    • Screen resolution of user's device.
    • Time in local visitor's time-zone.
    • Files that were clicked and downloaded (Download).
    • Links to an outside domain that were clicked (Outlink).
    • Pages generation time (the time it takes for webpages to be generated by the web server and then downloaded by the visitor: Page speed).
    • Main language of the browser being used (Accept-Language header).
    • Browser version, browser plug-ins (PDF, Flash, Java, …) operating system version, device identifier (user-agent header).
    • Site search.

The collected data will not be shared with any other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes. Moreover, the above-mentioned data cannot be used to identify a  particular visitor.

  1. Our website contains links to other websites. Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for the privacy policies of these websites. When redirected to another site, we encourage you to review the rules of a given website.
  2. When accessing our website for the first time, the website visitor is provided with a choice to accept (“I accept cookies”) or refuse (“I refuse cookies”) the placement of cookies.
  3. By accepting cookies, you will give us your consent to the placement of all the cookies for the proper functioning of the website, collection of statistics and for social media sharing function.
  4. Be refusing cookies, you will not give us any consent to the placement of any of the above-mentioned cookies. In this case, only a session cookie is placed to remember the visitors’ selection choice. This cookie is automatically deleted when your session expires.
  5. If you do not choose to accept or refuse cookies, the website treats this as a refusal to the placement of cookies.
  6. You can refuse to accept cookies and to delete cookies on most browsers. If you refuse to accept our cookies, you may not be able to use all the features on our website. To find out how to clear cookies in different browsers you may visit https://www.aboutcookies.org/
  7. Internet users can opt-out of tracking by websites. Do Not Track (DNT) is a special web browser setting. By enabling DNT option directly in your browser, the browser will sends a special signal to websites, analytics companies, ad networks, plug-in providers, and other web services to stop tracking your activity. Google Analytics does not track users who have enabled this option in their web browsers.
  8. We strive to protect our website against unauthorised access by third parties, and we control our methods for collecting, storing and processing information. We use firewall, server protection devices, device encryption and physical security measures, among others. We provide access to data only to the employees and entities that need to process them exclusively for the purposes described in the privacy policy.