We would like to contribute to the uptake of governmental SatCom solutions by providing educational opportunities for aspiring users from different communities, backgrounds and Member States. We will develop and deliver a training course to introduce fundamental concepts, characteristics and applications of satellite communications, and to build awareness on the EU GOVSATCOM programme.

Our training will be addressed to technical employees of public institutions, implementing and/or managing communication solutions used in security-critical missions, operations or infrastructures, who have no specific knowledge of satellite communications. When structuring learning modules and developing learning contents, emphasis will be placed on the practical application of SatCom in various use cases.

The training will consist of the following modules:

  • Module I Introduction to SatCom
  • Module II SatCom technology in depth
  • Module III SatCom use cases
  • Module IV GOVSATCOM services for EU Member States

The ENTRUSTED online course will be launched in April 2022.