Communication link

It is a communication channel that connects two or more communicating devices for the purpose of data transmission.

Crisis management

Crisis management is one of the EU GOVSATCOM fields of application (FoA), which includes a wide range of activities and users, i.e., the maritime community for search & rescue missions and response to maritime disasters, police forces fighting against international drug traffic and organised crime or conducting national police missions, civil protection forces engaged in disaster rescue missions or any other emergency and rescue operations, humanitarian aid and EU External Action missions, including the CSDP crisis management missions (training, advising, monitoring) and election observation.


GOVSATCOM (Governmental Satellite Communications) refers to secure space-based communication services for the EU and national public authorities managing security-critical missions and infrastructures.


It is as a secure satellite communication service offered by (future) authorised service providers within the EU GOVSATCOM service to satisfy the established GOVSATCOM user requirements.

Field of Application

Field of application (FoA) or ‘Use case family’ groups use cases (i.e., scenarios or domains of activity) that will require the same or very similar GOVSATCOM services. Hence, a common set of requirements can be settled for each FoA.


Interoperability is the ability of systems or equipment to work together in a joint operation, to exchange and make use of information.

Key infrastructure management

Key infrastructure management represents one of the GOVSATCOM fields of application, which includes police communications between Europol, Member States’ law enforcement organisations, communications for the transport infrastructure (Air Traffic Management (ATM), road traffic management, rail traffic management) and for the EU space infrastructure (Copernicus, Galileo / EGNOS), as well as institutional communications with EU representatives and delegations around the globe.

Machine to Machine communications

Machine to Machine (M2M) is direct communication between devices using any communications channel, wired and wireless.

Military satellite communication

Military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) are characterised by the highest level of robustness and security in all segments, including nuclear hardening and advanced anti-jamming capabilities, and a military-grade ground segment.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) is a set of configurable elements consisting of a remotely piloted aircraft, its associated remote pilot station(s), the required command and control links, and any other system elements necessary at any point during flight operations.

Satellite communications

Satellite communications (SatCom) refers to a service or commodity-based procured satellite communication capacity on the global open market providing a degree of ‘on-demand’ access.

Secure satellite communications

Secure SatCom represents satellite communication services with embedded protection mechanisms against interference, interception, intrusion, and cyber-security threats.

Sensitive, non-classified information

Sensitive but non-classified information means that this information needs to be protected by the European Commission because of legal obligations laid down in the Treaties or in acts adopted in implementation thereof, and/or because of its sensitivity.


It is the process of implementing and developing technical standards based on the consensus of different parties, including firms, users, interest groups, standards organisations and governments.


Surveillance is one of the GOVSATCOM fields of application, which covers operations carried out by the border surveillance community and the maritime community, related to the monitoring and control of traffic and illegal activities for land and sea.

Transversal use cases

Transversal uses cases for GOVSATCOM include: SatCom services in the Arctic region, services for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M) or Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.

Use case

Use case means an operational scenario in a particular environment in which GOVSATCOM users require GOVSATCOM services. Use cases are grouped under FoAs, when suitable.


User of GOVSATCOM services means a Union or Member State public authority, a body entrusted with the exercise of public authority, or a natural or legal person, duly authorised and entrusted with tasks relating to the supervision and management of' security-critical missions, operations and infrastructures.

User community

User community is a group of GOVSATCOM users with similar area of action or providing similar services, who would be interested in a specific service or product to respond to their use cases, and could exchange ideas and knowledge.