GOVSATCOM (Governmental Satellite Communications) refers to secure space-based communication services for the EU and national public authorities managing security-critical missions and infrastructures.

GOVSATCOM authority

It is a competent authority designated by each GOVSATCOM participant to ensure that the use of services is in compliance with the applicable security requirements, the access rights for GOVSATCOM users are determined and managed, and that  user equipment and associated electronic communication connections and information are used and managed in accordance with applicable security requirements. A GOVSATCOM authority will also assist in the reporting of security risks and threats, in particular the detection of potentially harmful electromagnetic interference affecting the services under this component.


It is an operational centre the main function of which is to link, in a secure manner, the GOVSATCOM users to the providers of GOVSATCOM capacity and services and thereby optimise the supply and demand at any given moment.


It is as a secure satellite communication service offered by (future) authorised service providers within the EU GOVSATCOM service to satisfy the established GOVSATCOM user requirements.

GOVSATCOM service portfolio

A list of categories of GOVSATCOM satellite communication capacities and services and their attributes, including geographical coverage, frequency, bandwidth, user equipment, and security features.

GOVSATCOM use-case

It is as an operational scenario in a particular environment in which GOVSATCOM services are required.


A public authority, a body entrusted with the exercise of public authority, an international organisation or a natural or legal person, duly authorised and entrusted with tasks relating to the supervision and management of' security-critical missions, operations and infrastructures.