Date: April 12, 2023
Category: News
Autor: Ewelina Kaatz-Drzeżdżon

The ENTRUSTED Consortium has successfully demonstrated secure satellite communications for governmental users. Over 100 participants from 16 EU Member States and 11 EU institutions and agencies, invited by the ENTRUSTED Consortium, watched the showcase of GOVSATCOM services in action during the Live Demonstration Event in Rome on 2 March 2023. Now demonstration resources are available for everyone on the ENTRUSTED website!

Governmental and institutional entities need to rely on satellite communications (SatCom) in many critical situations. SatCom is an essential capability when terrestrial communication systems are not available and communication links need to be ensured and secured. To bring theory into practice, the ENTRUSTED Consortium has prepared and conducted demonstrations of secure SatCom services in the context to four different operational scenarios:

  1. Assistance in case of disaster and armed conflict - implemented by Luxembourg / Luxembourg Space Agency
  2. Secure communications for national diplomacy network - implemented by Greece / Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance and Ministry of Defence
  3. Access to GOVSATCOM services for military users - implemented by European Defence Agency
  4. SatCom in emergency theatre - implemented jointly by Italy & Luxembourg / Italian Space Agency and Luxembourg Space Agency

ENTRUSTED demonstrations have been implemented based on national capabilities provided by Consortium members and highlighted the most important aspects of the EU GOVSATCOM, including the pooling and sharing service provision model. Three out of four demonstrations were recorded in the form of short videos, while the joint demonstration was conducted live on 2 March 2023 at the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency. All demonstration videos and presentations have been published on the ENTRUSTED website for the benefit of various governmental entities throughout the EU.

How to stay connected in case of a disaster or an armed conflict, when a terrestrial infrastructure is exposed to damage or malfunctions? How to safely exchange sensitive and secret information on a diplomatic level? How to support military operations relying on shared SatCom resources? How to deploy and use various types of terminals, and swiftly set up a satellite connection? If you are interested in any of these issues, check our GOVSATCOM demonstrations and learn about benefits of secure satellite connectivity!