The ENTRUSTED timeline is illustrated by the following key project milestones.

Project launch
1 September 2020
ENTRUSTED Kick-off Meeting
15 September 2020
GOVSATCOM panel session at UCP 2020
2 December 2020

Public workshop (WP2)

GOVSATCOM User Communities and PoC list
March 2021

Public deliverable D2.1 (WP2)

Survey documentation
March 2021

Public deliverable D2.2 (WP2)

Survey research among GOVSATCOM users (WP2)
April–June 2021
Workshop on SatCom user technology
September 2021

Public workshop D5.10 (WP3)

Training on “Fundaments of secure SatCom”
Juen 2022

Public deliverable D5.9 (WP5)

Summary of project achievements
November 2021

Public deliverable D5.7 (WP5)

Users' Requirements document
February 2022

Classified deliverable D2.3 (WP2)

Fields of application
February 2022

Public deliverable D2.4 (WP2)

Use cases definition
February 2022

Classified deliverable D2.5 (WP2)

State-of-the-art secure SatCom technology and service access for governmental users
February 2022

Public deliverable D3.1 (WP3)

Future technological trends in secure SatCom for governmental users
February 2022

Public deliverable D3.2 (WP3)

Intermediate project summit
April 2022

Public event D5.13 (WP5)

R&I roadmap preparation workshop
June 2022

Internal workshop D5.11 (WP4)

Final workshop on SatCom user technology
May 2022

Public workshop D5.12 (WP3)

Recent and ongoing R&I projects related to secure SatCom
June 2022

Public deliverable D4.1 (WP4)

Analysis of gaps in R&I activities related to secure SatCom
June 2022

Public deliverable D4.2 (WP4)

Anonymised consultations summary
August 2022

Public deliverable D2.6 (WP2)

Key technological factors for future secure SatCom for governmental users
January 2023

Public deliverable D3.3 (WP3)

Workshop on R&I roadmap
October 2022

Public workshop D5.14 (WP4)

R&I Roadmap and Coordination plan (R&I roadmap)
January 2023

Public deliverable D4.3 (WP4)

Secure SatCom for governmental users live demonstration
March 2023

Public deliverable D5.16 (WP5)

Summary of project achievements
April 2023

Public deliverable D5.8 (WP5)

Final project summit
January 2023

Public event D5.15 (WP5)